Tilt And Turn

Tilt and Turn WindowsThese classic, European style windows are produced by Fersina Windows. Superior air tightness and ease of operation are the trademarks of Fersina Tilt and Turn windows.

A single lever controls all window functions. With the handle in the down position multi-point locks engage on all four sides of the frame for excellent security. The tilt position provides ventilation while still maintaining security. The turn position allows the sash to hinge into the room for ease of cleaning and maximum ventilation.



  • Window tilts for ventilating, also swings to interior for ease of cleaning
  • Concealed multi-point locks improve aesthetics and security
  • All functions operated by a single lever
  • Attractive, energy-efficient and low maintenance windows
  • Heavy duty 2mm exterior walls
  • Multi-chamber design for rigidity and insulation
  • Numerous glazing options available
  • Tilt and Turn Windows 1Standard white colour available, only
  • Internal grills available in Georgian, contemporary and pencil brass

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